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We know how hectic life can be and the last thing you need to be worrying about is if you are getting the best value for your phone service, that's why we guarantee you'll save money on Eircom's charges, in same cases over 50%!!!

We have tailored fantastic packages to ensure people all over Ireland can receive excellent savings, with great service, from NewTel.

Your Choice - Save up to 80% on calls

From €25.36 p/m inc VAT

Choose from the following add-ons:

  • All local calls less than 60 minutes included for an additional charge of €3
  • All national calls less than 60 minutes included for an additional charge of €12
  • Mobile calls from just 12cent per minute
  • Unbelievable rates to international destinations
Standard Residential Tariffs
(Cents per minute)
Peak Off Peak Weekend
Local/National Calls 4.0c 1.0c 1.0c
Mobile - All Irish Mobiles 20.00 15.0c 10.0c
Internet (1890 946 679) 4.0 1.0c 1.0c
Available Add-ons Anytime Rate
Local Choice €3 for all Local calls less than 60 minutes
National Choice €12 for all National calls less than 60 minutes
Mobile Choice Choose from one of the following:
  100 minutes for €14
  200 minutes for €26
  300 minutes for €39
  500 minutes for €60
International Choice Choose from one of the following:
USA/Canada Choice 250 minutes for €9.95
Australia/NZ Choice 250 minutes for €9.95
UK Choice 325 minutes for €9.95

Additional information:

  • All pricing includes 21% VAT.
  • All Plans must include Line Rental and one of the available plan add-ons.
  • The final minute of each call is rounded to full minute.
  • Local & National calls lasting over 60 minutes will be billed for the total call duration at standard residential tariffs.
  • Calls within the same area code are considered local calls on our network.
  • Peak hours are from 6am to 6pm Monday - Friday; Off peak is 6pm to 6am, Monday - Friday. Weekend hours are from 6pm Friday to 6am Monday.
  • Calls outside the package incur a set up charge, local/national at 4c and mobiles 5c.
  • Premium Rate calls incur a 20% billing surcharge.
  • To avail of NewTel's customer Internet rates you must use the following dial up number 1890 946 679.